Do you really know what you want ?

What do you want ? It seems a simple question but yet it might as well carry a sword with it. How many of you can actually answer that ? I mean straight away you start to think of things in a ” I could do that ” kind of way or maybe you jump straight to the ” Win the LOTTO ” type answer. But what I challenge you to take a minute out in the next few days and really think about it. It is something that has been on my mind a lot lately. What do I want ? Where am I going ? and How am I going to get there ?

I guess once we know where we want to end up then it’s easier to make a plan of how we are going to get there. I have had around 2.5 years of sh** and a lot of my choices were made for me, I have lost everything already and yet still it’s not finished, still I am being asked to give more. At times it seems impossible and I lose all hope and allow myself to go into the “Man-cave” and cut out the world. But then something strange happens, sitting all alone in the fetal position in the dark, a little voice inside of me says, HELL NO and I stand up again and walk back out there to face what the world might throw at me. This does come at a huge expensive of energy both physically and emotionally and as long as you manage that with Good food, sleep and the right amount of exercise you can conquer anything.

I think the secret is your mind, how tough are you mentally ? How hard are you ? I am very blessed to be able to test this often when I am racing as I haven’t been able to put the time in that I wanted to before the event and on the day I am having to dig really deep, to see how far that rabbit hole goes and I am pleased to say that I haven’t yet got to the bottom of it, I can still go harder, for longer and suffer more. But should that be TRUE to my life as well ?

I am changing the way I think, speak and act and hopefully my world will change around me as well. I no longer will be dictated to, or told what to do. I am taking the power back and doing things on my terms. I know I am not going to succeed in everything I want to do and of course I know that in the real world you need to also roll with the punches and I plan to do so.

I guess what I am saying is that old cliché of you can do anything you want to, But do you believe it ? You should…No go sit somewhere quiet and ask yourself some hard questions and be honest with yourself.

Then get out there and kick the crap out of LIFE and everything in it.

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