Everything we do counts for something

So I am blessed to be able to get to travel with my job, its not all fun as we work very hard once we get here to Germany but it does give you the chance to see things through different eyes and also speak to people from all around the world and as you do after a few beers you talk a little deeper.

I have also had the chance to go on some beautiful runs on my own while I have been here and its been awesome to run new roads and little small quite ones next to the river have been especially awesome.

I have been humming the song from 49M in SA, it says ” Every little thing you do, counts for something…” Its been stuck on my mind because it really makes you think. So often we just go about our days without thinking much, we just “get” through our days and often don’t take a time out to think. Or think twice before we say or do something. We often don’t get to see what effect our actions have on people but they do.

I guess I believe in the good in people, don’t get me wrong, I understand only too well that most of us have a dark side and that if push comes to shove it will take over and make sure that you survive. I am also old enough to know that some people are just pure evil and that nothing anybody does will change that. But for the most of us, I believe that deep down we are good.

This gives me comfort as If you take that thought one step further you will start to understand that if a few people get together and do something then change is possible and if you take it one step further a big change can come about if we all have the same idea and work towards a common goal.

Now before you stop ready, I am not trying to get you to get together and save the world, but only think about your actions, your attitude and you “little things you do” We have a few negative people in the office at the moment and in my life and man its draining. Its such a different place when those people are around. Now I am not saying you cant have a bad day but just make sure you make a effort to be happy and kind to the people around you and you will see the difference.

Anyway that was my thoughts running through a small forest on the trail in the rain this morning which was AWESOME. Got to go back in for our next session.

Till next, spread good VIBES and you might be surprised what comes back at you.


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