African X – Day 2 , interesting findings

So when I woke at 4.30am I wobbled to the bathroom and was having a serious chat to myself because the last thing I felt like doing was running another 32km today. But like a brave warrior I managed to put on my suit of armour for the battle I was about to go into.

3 movements before the start made me make a last minute good call of taking some white gold with me as I was very pleased to have it when I needed it deep in the bush. Around 3hrs in.

So at 8am we were off and every step hurt, I had sharp stabbing pain in each knee, but then a strange thing happened, when I ran faster it was much less painful. We have been discussing this quite a bit this last week. Your own personal optimum cadence and speed. I found mine to be around 5.30min / km on trail where everything felt comfy and easy.

Its very interesting thing, its a cruising speed which just works for your body and its different for everyone, so try find yours, you will be at your most efficient.

So I was running ahead and stretching allowing Jen to catch up. So physically easier but mentally tougher. Ryan had also surged ahead which meant we were chasing and seeing our 17min lead disappearing.

Luckily at 26km we got a 2nd wind and Jennifer and I both dug deep and surged and managed to catch and pass Ryan and finished strong. We ran just over 4hrs which we are very happy with. I am constantly amazed at how well this race is organized and great value for money as a athlete.

Day 3 looms tomorrow but I’m confident we will finish this tomorrow , which is refreshing because there has been times in last 2 days were I wasn’t sure we would.

Challenge yourself to something that you not sure you can do, it’s rewarding when you do.

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