Its all Bullsh** at the end of the day

So We all have trouble in our life, not 1 person I know has the perfect life. But it seems recently that no matter who I speak to they are down and struggling with a few hard times in their LIFE, myself included. So I thought I would share a few pieces of my mind with you today and maybe something clicks or maybe something doesn’t, who knows. But if even just 1 person gains something then it would be worth it.

First and foremost you have to learn just 1 sentence which if embraced properly will change your LIFE : ITS ALL BULLSHIT

Now before you go and click something else give me 3min to explain this. What I mean is that in the bigger picture of things nothing really matters, How much money you have, what your job title says, how fast you can run 10km, what size house you live in, how many women you have slept with, how good or bad you are at anything….NOTHING MATTERS.

Now if you are able to grasp and embrace that simple concept you will realise that the issue or problem that you had only a few months back that you thought was the end of the world might not even be a issue anymore and hasn’t even been awarded a minute of your thoughts this week, because you are now dealing with the next crisis or issue or problem in your life. This would lead me to the conclusion that was it really that bad ?

I mean we have all had hard break ups where we sit on the floor in a little ball and cry our hearts out with pain and think you could never love anyone again but now if you look over to the other side of the room you might not even remember what LIFE was like without your current partner in it, again this begs the question of how big was that previous issue really ?

Now don’t get me wrong, I too have been that little bundle of mess on the floor many a time and too have had some very dark days, I am not saying I am perfect or have got this formula down to a art form yet, but it is something that I practise and constantly aware of and try and get better at.

I see it like this, imagine your life is a room and the room is dark at night because at the moment that is maybe how it would seem, at this point you would sit and all you can think about is the darkness which is why once your problems hit a tipping point there seems to be this feeling of everything is falling down around you, which I am sure that if you are still reading this as this point you would of experienced at some or other point in your LIFE.

Now here is the TRICK, find yourself a little piece of LIGHT, no matter how small and focus on that, put your energy into that. Draw from it and give to it…CONNECT.. Good energy is what you need to stop thinking about all the darkness around you. For some it might be sitting on a rock staring at the Ocean, for me its about good deep house music or riding my bicycle. It might be a place or a person, often a Mom or best friend, or nature which is very powerful, but just CONNECT to something good.

Then understand that its all bullshit anyway and that no matter how much energy your pour into a black hole it will always be just that a black hole sucking your energy. Nothing posses power or value until we place that onto a object or situation. Read that line again and allow it to sink in for a little.

Our problems or current situation with work, love or finances are nothing more than facts that we add to and we will determine just how big these Dragon’s are going to be in our lives, but for some of us who aren’t aware these can soon become very big and very powerful and all consuming that at times it feels like we cannot carry on and that LIFE isn’t worth living any more, again I have been there myself and on occasion even came close to taking my life which is a place I hope never to return, so I can say with certainty that they can get out of control very quickly. Of course we all have our own breaking points and for some we are able to absorb a lot before we break, but sooner or later no matter how strong or resilient you are YOU WILL BREAK. Nobody is above breaking point.

So this leads me to the point where I think I could help you if you are struggling with your life right now. ACCEPT is the first step, ACCEPT that it is all bullshit and make those Dragons into little small bite size pieces. You eat a Elephant one spoon at a time, so get started. LIFE doesn’t owe you anything and its going to be hard at times, just get on with it, keep moving and don’t sit still or stay in one spot asking why it is you that has to always deal with things while it seems everyone else if off living the dream. LIFE happens to all of us and every single day we are all fighting our own problems.

LIFE is not Twitter, its not all beautiful pictures of food and sunsets and the most interesting people you follow on social media probably aren’t that great in real life too, its all smoke and mirror’s and staged images of Radness and coolness which at times might be true but it is definitely not the over riding theme for anybodies LIFE that I know. STOP judging people, who cares what they say or do and who are you to say what is cool or right or wrong, just LET IT GO and let people do whatever they want, if you don’t like it, UNFOLLOW and move on and if you loving their vibe then CONNECT, but don’t JUDGE.

No once you have ACCEPTED and UNDERSTOOD the golden rule, your over powering Dragon’s might seem a little smaller, you can now focus a little more and start with an attack plan on how to get around them and not let them stop you moving forward. Just keep moving forward , not every step will be perfect but that if half the fun, not knowing what is around the next corner. Don’t get so caught up in the now that you loose the opportunity to see what is next because the next person you meet could change your life.

CONNECT with the small light that you can find, connect with good people who have good energy, connect with Religion, Music, Sport, Art, Charity, Nature and the things or people who make you laugh and smile and f*** the rest, not matter how cool they are or how badly you want them to be someone else. People don’t change, their core will remain the same until the day you die, wither accept people for who they are or move on. You have your own problems to sort out, stop trying to fix other people’s problems.

STOP complaining all the time and start telling jokes and funny stories, learn interesting facts about things or places so that you have interesting things to share and talk about instead of your life or your problems, because let’s face it nobody really cares do they ?

BE REAL and feel emotions and Passion and Love. Don’t be afraid to take chances because at the end of the day you need to have FAITH that it will all be OK, no matter what happens you must believe with all your heart that everything will be ok at the end of the day and guess what even if it isn’t that is ok too.

I know that’s a lot to take in and I didn’t plan to write this when I sat down, but I felt I needed to get it off my chest and it just seemed to flow, I am not going to go back and try and rewrite it or make it flow any differently. It is what it is and you may take from it whatever you need to and welcome to share it with others.

I sprinkled my Gran’s ashes 2 weeks ago and it was a stark reminder that we will all end up the same way, ashes to ashes and dust to dust, which confirms the only thing you need to live by : Its all Bullshit

Get busy living people and stop feeling sorry for yourself, look forward to a cold beer and laughter soon.

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