Why do we do what we do?

Over the past 3 weeks I have ridden my bicycles a lot and as you do when you ride a lot, you think a lot and this question popped into my head.


Why do we do what we do ? I mean how many of us actually have reasons for anything we do ? I often ask sometime why did you do that and often the person I am asking looks at me with a stupid look on their face and usually doesn’t have an answer.


This means that too much we do is just being done because and without any reason which to be honest scares me a little. So my challenge to you all as we start off a new year is to stop and think a little, even for a second and understand or know why you are doing something.


You might be very surprised at what happens next, act with purpose and a drive as you build blocks on top of blocks to get to your end goal, achieve targets and make things reality this year, change the way you do thing and with who you do them with and you might be very pleasantly surprised at the result.


Take control and stop letting other people or other things control what you do and the surrounding that you find yourself in, but in all of this live the moment, even the bad ones, learn from the lessons and keep smiling above all.


So why was I pedaling so much ? It’s because on a bicycle life can be very simple, circles turning circles and because I want to go fast again, race again and feel strong.


Found this picture of me racing my first Ironman in 2006 and it reminded me that I have unfinished business with a few things… See you out there…



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