Why Car brands should stop Cycling

I saw this article on HYPEBEAST today and it made me giggle. If you are in the cycling industry you can see a dud from a mile away. It actually made me laugh out loud as they mention Carbon Fiber Handle Bars ( typo on site too !!) as a “feature”

Mercedes-AMG and Rotwild have teamed up to set a new standard for high-performance mountain biking. The Rotwild GT-S was inspired by the AMG GT, and built for competition with its lightweight frame and slick yellow and black accents. Other bells and whistles include carbon fiber handles bars, multi-shift functionality, Formula AMG R1 Racing FCS disc brakes and 29-inch carbon fiber wheels with Continental Race King tires. Production of these beauties is limited to 100 units, with prices starting at €9,990 ($11,000 USD).

Unless they do what AUDI did, car brands should stay away from embarrassing themselves with cheap bikes with a car spray job and leave bikes up to the brands who do it best and stick to making fast, sexy cars.

Just my thought on the matter..nobody in his right mind will spend that money on that bike.




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