What is stopping you ?

I have recently taken some big steps towards a new goal and it got me thinking. What is the thing holding us all back? What is it that stops us from following our dreams or going after the impossible?

Now I am sure a lot of you have instantly answered the question in your head and I am also going to say that I think most of you have said 1 of 3 things: Money, Fear or Failure.

Only one of those for me is the real reason we don’t step up and give our dreams a chance. The fear in all of is real, Fear of failure, fear of the unknown mostly can be paralyzing…If you give it the power. You see my friends, Fear can be controlled and not only controlled but also conquered. I recently asked a few friends what was the scariest thing they had ever done and every single answer was something to do with the fear. Quite a few came back as bungee jumping, which for a lot of us, myself included, was something that I feared. UNTIL I actually went and did the highest one in the world and at the time of jumping off the bridge I remember I have utter and total peace, why you ask? Well it is because at that point I had surrendered, I had accepted that my life wasn’t under my control and that the very next moment could be my last and I was OK with that.

You see I am not afraid of death and that is because I believe in God and I believe in Heaven but also because I have lived my life, sure we all have things we wish we did better or if given the chance we would do differently but I don’t have regrets, because no matter how bad the situations were or what I had to endure to get through them, I survived. THAT is my point to all of this, I survived. Sport has taught me loads of valuable lessons, but none more important that just keep putting one foot in front of another and keep moving forward.

I always tell my business partner that we eat an elephant one spoon at a time and I believe that is how most things in life should be dealt with. So not that brings me back to our old friend, FEAR.

I guess for me I don’t believe there is any secret formula or trick to dealing with this 1 thing that is stopping us from being so much more than we are today other than to just do it. Don’t over think it, you will always find 100 reasons why not to do something. But the way to beat FEAR is not to listen and to take a step forward towards your goal and then another and another. What you will also find is that as you start stepping towards your new direction you will be hit hard with more FEAR and his friend DOUBT and I urge you to keep your head down and keep putting your one foot in front of another because once you break through that first big attack you will start to see sparks and good energy come through and doors start to open and opportunities start to show themselves.

Enter your new best friend EXCITEMENT and she is an addictive thing to have in your life and hold onto her because once you get excited, you r whole energy changes and you start to feel alive and happy and you have a positive energy which will attract more positive energy and you will soon forget about your FEAR and start running and not walking towards your new direction.

Its really that simple, we all dream, we all have those dreams inside of us that we are too afraid to talk about or don’t tell anybody because they seem silly or so far away from where you are at right now that you feel that you could never get there.

BUT I am tell you that you can, LIFE is short and you have a lot more control over it and the people in it than you know. STOP being scared or afraid and stop having people in your life which don’t support you or are holding you back. Stand up and decide that you are going to do it and then start moving in that direction. BUT also be warned there are always consequences to your actions and there will be a lot of hardship and sometimes even suffering. I am not going to sugar coat it for you but what I will tell you is that if the end result is worth it then you should fight for it with your life.

So as 2015 closes out and you look back at the year, take from it the learnings life has offered to you as a gift, even the hard times should of made you stronger and wiser and be thankful for that, never ask why or be angry during hard times, instead embrace the challenge and look for the lesson which will enable you to grow.

I am super excited about 2016 and all that she holds and I cannot wait to strap myself to her back and ride her into the sunset.

Isn’t it time you stop making excuses, accepting things as they are? Time to believe in yourself and believe in your worth and move away from people who don’t see you, the real you, the you that you can become, the you that will soar like an eagle, not walk like a duck.

Be Brave my friends and never stop smiling and be grateful for what you have









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