Thoughts from 38 000ft

As I sit on the plane back to Dubai my head and heart are full of emotions.. Being in transition is a very tough place and not for sissies.. Like having your soul torn into pieces.

This has also got me pondering on the power of now. What do you choose to let affect you, what do you embrace and what do you absorb with out without knowing it. You see you are a lot more in control than you think and maybe it’s time you actually start to think.

Think about what you say and how you say it, we are all very quick to react and quick to fire off comments and opinions and thoughts but have we taken a minute to understand what the affect of this might be.

I’ve recently gone through a very hard few months where I have been asking the real hard questions in life to myself and have taken some tough choices and not taken the easy road at all. Which got me thinking, why would I ? Why wouldn’t I play it safe ?

The answer is also a pretty simple one, risk vs reward. The greater the risk the grater the reward. Are you brave enough to risk it all ? To put it all on the line ? To be completely vulnerable and exposed ? For what you really want ? And if you answer NO, then my friend you don’t really want it.

Because the biggest of your dreams will test your metal and push you deep into your darkest places of your soul and will make you question everything but if you survive this I promise you that what will be waiting for you on the other side will blow your mind.

So my thought is a simple one, think… Pause.. Don’t find the need to fire back and put worthless crap into the universe, take an extra minute to evaluate what you are a out to do and say and then make the choice.

Rather be warriors of truth and light and love this year. Find a passion project and find something or someone who sets yot soul on fire. Make a difference in somebodies life, no matter big or how small and always look for the good in a situation and in life because it is always there.

I promise you it will be worth it, add value not only to your own life but to others and you will see how LIFE will be different. My favourite quote at the moment is LIFE is not happening to you, LIFE is responding to you.

If that is true which I believe it is then you have a lot more control don’t you ? With great power comes great responsibility so use it wisely.

Let’s build each other up and support and love each other to spread our wings and achieve our dreams instead of breaking each other down and holding each Rhee back.

This is my year, this is YOUR year… Don’t waste it..



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