Shedding of your own skin

As I go through a huge change in my life, I have realized that I am in the process of shedding skin and it got me thinking on what it actually is all about and why some people will wear 1 skin only until the day that they die.

Shedding skin is a symbol of rejuvenation and new life. Snakes and other reptiles like lizards, periodically eliminate the old by the shedding of their skin and emerge stronger, larger, and healthier. The ancients received insights about life through nature and believed that there was a wisdom that each life form held, and that snakes, in particular, knew the secrets of “death” that leads to rebirth.

This does not have to mean an actual physical death, but can merely be a symbolic death of everything that once was being released in order to emerge through a new, expansive doorway of experience.

The old skin has to be shed before the new one can come. We must be willing to get rid of the life we planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.

This can be a challenge for some and currently this is the process we are all experiencing in some form or another. This is also where the trick to this whole process comes in, you have taken time to construct your current reality and then you are expected to let go of it at the promise of something new and better? When often it’s not physically with you and you are expected to have faith. This I believe is why people will just make do with their old skin. Because during this process you will question everything, you will be attacked by doubt, by fear and all the other things which want you to just be ok with what you have and accept and keep your old skin

Letting go completely allows the next stage of growth to flow in. Sometimes you know this is upon you and you willingly engage the process. And at other times, it erupts like a volcano, seeming to come out of nowhere and yet still it is reflecting what you desire and have asked for. You just forgot and didn’t realize what was all entailed in the process.

This process is hard and often lonely as you need to go through the emotions of it on your own and be true to what you feeling and often it’s a combined war internally as your Mind, Body and Soul will compete against each other for dominance and supremacy within yourself.

So listen when I say it’s a difficult process and not for the faint hearted but I will also assure you that it will be worth it. You have to go through this as often as you can and never stop searching for what you want and if you find it chances are you will have to make sacrifices and changes in order to have it. So be careful what you wish and pray for as you might just end up receiving it and then it would be pointless to shy away from the process that then lies before you.

Growth is one of the only things I look for in life, it’s the only constant as it’s linked to change and by now you should all realize that change is inevitable and unavoidable, so why not embrace something that will always be a constant in your life instead of always fighting it.

Don’t settle

Don’t look around and be OK with what you have

Don’t compromise of self

Don’t make excuses for others or situations and hope that things will somehow just get better

We don’t know how long we have left on this beautiful earth so you need to go out there and get what you want, fight for it, I mean really fight for it, make it your sole purpose in life. Because I promise you that you can have everything you want in life, but it’s not going to land on your lap.

So if you currently feeling like there is an Alien inside of you and your in the process of shedding your skin and moving towards something new I am proud of you and support and love you and am right next to you and you are not alone. Never be afraid to put out your hand and ask someone to hold it, never be afraid to say I am a warrior but right now I need a little push. We all do from time to time and sometimes you will be pushing and sometimes getting pushed. That is ok, you don’t need to be super strong all the time. Find an anchor to weather the storm, a big solid rock which cannot be moved and attach yourself to it, to feel grounded and safe while you flap about in the storm.

Continue the good fight, my brother and sister and together we will soar like Eagles. I recently read that when it rains most birds go into hiding but the Eagle flies up higher to get above clouds.

Be the EAGLE, today, tomorrow and always.

God Bless and know that you are loved and never truly alone.


3 comments on “Shedding of your own skin
  1. Liesel says:

    Hi There
    Oh wow what an amazing article
    I woke up this morning and the thought of shedding my skin came to mind and I looked at images and the one in your article spoke the loudest to me. I’ve been through a frustrating time the last few months but couldn’t pin point what exactly was wrong as if my own skin was getting to tight. I refuse to get stuck at where I am and need to experience new transformation I now that there are new doors at the brink of opening soon but I know I must shed this old skin of mine first.
    Thank you for the encouragement

  2. Ray says:

    Thank you for these words we never met but you was really talking to me and I thank you!!!

  3. Cyril says:

    TThanks for the beautiful words of encouragement .. god bless you always

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