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Mind Blowing Bicycle

So enough of the thoughts for a bit and onto a passsion, because without passion there is no point to life. BICYCLES, I love them all….

And this one gets me excited for a few reasons.

  1. Firstly 3D printer tubes which is going to revolutionize the way we do things in the future in all aspects of our lives
  2. Out the box thinking and not conforming to the norm
  3. SEXY as FU**

Here is what I read about it on HYPEBEAST

” A new groundbreaking prototype challenges what we know about contemporary cycling silhouettes today. Trading its rear wheel for a much larger, velodrome race-sized wheel that boasts a 36-inch rim — the current largest available wheel size in the market today — comes the 36/28 Postale. Conceived, designed and executed by the mind of brilliant Italian product designer Paolo de Giusti, the model does not disrupt the rider’s position on the bike; rather, it corrects ergonomic measurements much better than a bike with two equal sized wheels would.

Thicker tires balance out the bike’s sturdy 3D-printed frame, which features both ABS materials and PVC tubing, an eight-geared internal rear hub, LED lighting attached to the handle bars, and detailed decals. The first prototype sports a black-and-white colorway that presents a clean finish. Take a first look at the 36/28 Postale bicycle in the gallery above; do you think a design like this could fare well in future consumer markets? ”


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