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Can the real Dr. Evil please stand up

There is so much mystery surrounding the good Dr that I thought I would sit down with him and ask him a few questions to see if we could crack his hardened exterior to see if he was all soft and gooey inside like the rest of us.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of riding a route done by Dr Evil, then you haven’t really ridden your mountain bike yet. His attention to detail and route choice will guarantee you have the time of your life, lucky for you you can experience 3 days of it in the Dr Evil Classic coming up later this year and can ENTER HERE.


  • How did your nickname Dr Evil come about ?

Dr Evil name came from the 1st Cape Epic trial ride where the route                   was deemed  to be evil and as I was route designer the name Dr Evil                   was born. By today’s Epic standards, I would be called Dr fffing Evil

  • What can the riders expect from a “Dr Evil” designed course ?

A course varied in terrain (Indigenous forest, pine plantations,                             fynbos, single track and some stunning scenery) manageable by all                  levels of riders – 70, 50 and 40km is very do able

  • Is there anything that Dr Evil is scared of himself ?

Only Bad Weather

  • What is Dr Evil’s favourite food to eat ?

Hard question – sushi, pizza, calamari rank among some of my                            favourites

  • What is Dr Evil’s favourite band ?

Another hard question – eurythmics, pink floyd to name some

  • What are 3 things that Dr Evil never leaves home without

Knowing where I’m going, my bike and phone

  • If Dr Evil was a super hero who would he be and why ?

 I thought I was a superhero ? Bwahahaa ( Evil Laugh )


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