All roads lead to ROME

The saying goes that all roads lead to ROME and now I know why. ROME must of blown people’s minds in the day, I mean it blew my mind last month when we visited and its nowhere near the glory days. The city is magical, you can feel and see the history all around you. Every little street corner looks like something out of a movie set. I was always told how amazing Italy was and yet I had not managed to get there yet. If that is also you, cancel your next travel trip and make sure you go to Italy. The people are friendly, lots of good value places to eat and drink and we never had a bad meal , even when we just walked into places off the street.

All the tourist things that they tell you to see are amazing, nothing disappointed at all and the St Peters Basilica is the most impressive thing I have ever seen with my own 2 eyes and I have seen a lot…hahaha.

So a few tips though for those travelling :

  • Make sure you have UBER on your phone, easiest way to get around , even though local taxi’s also very good, but easiest way as where you going on app already and no need to try explain to driver
  • Always have cash on you as not everywhere accepts cards
  • Book attractions in advance, you are not the only ones visiting these things and if you can get there as early as possible and try avoid weekends
  • Walk the city, you can literally walk from one side of ROME to the other in about 40min, well the city center part anyway, right up to the Vatican and so much to see, smell and experience on every little street
  • Make sure you eat at a different place for every meal and try local favourites incl local wines, Italy has some of the best wines in the world and they cheap to drink
  • Try and book accommodation in the city center as easiest to walk around and see things and experience the city during the day and night and close to restaurants etc
  • Try stay as long as you can, it’s not a city to rush through and even though we spent 9 days there, still not long enough and want to go back
  • Learn some basic Italian, they appreciate you trying or at least greeting and thanking in their language
  • If you plan to do a day trip to Venice or Napoli or anywhere else, it’s worth it, but plan to sleep over as we missed our train and spend 4hrs in train station and had to sleep the night anyway


Rome is now in my top 3 favourite cities and will definitely be spending more time there again soon. I love travelling and am trying to get to see new places as much as possible as there is nothing better than the unknown and being in a new city. My favourite thing to do when arriving in a new city is wake up early and do a sunrise run around where I am staying while city sleeps, we did this in Rome and running around the Colosseum with nobody around as the sun rose was spectacular and special.

Happy travels

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The Gang, made it more special being with close loved ones

Inside the Coloseum



Colosuem at Night