Legend in the Making

We all have control of our own destiny, but I believe very few people realize it or accept the weight that this statement brings with it. Its easier to sit back and always have excuses on why we not where we want to be or have achieved what we set out to achieve. It takes a special kind of person to grab fate by the balls and take control of where they are going.

I have known Miguel de Waal for awhile and believe that he has what it takes. In only a few short years he has already proven that he has what it takes to be the best and recently this hard work and dedication has been rewarded with a spot on the Yamaha MX South Africa racing team. He has proven to us all that if you have passion and dream and prepared to sacrifice and work your ass off that dreams can come true.

Mentored by one of my closest friends, Dean Strydom, a very successful racer himself, I believe that this dream team can go all the way and we might possibly be looking at the early days of a future world champion. We recently did a full custom, 1 of 1 29er super bike for MIGSTA26 as he is known on social media and Dean organised a photo shoot to show it off. The solution for making things look cooler is add a smoke machine which is what they did.

Follow this kid on social media as he goes out there and gives it 100% and let him inspire you to get up off your ass and get out there and stop making excuses. Life is short, don’t waste it.

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