GRID ( Global Running Indoors ) is Alive

A new world awaits us. But that’s not a bad thing, we were all just rats in a wheel, running around, not sure of where we were going or what we were running to or from. This isolation period has given so many of us the precious gift of TIME.

This TIME can be very scary and lonely and allows not only our biggest dreams to flourish but also our fears and insecurities.

GRID was born out of the Isolation and the fundamental founding principles were all about connecting people. GRID was started to let people join in and connect with their love of sport and the love of spending time with others who love the same things, Nothing but #GOODVIBES

GRID gives anybody the opportunity to be part of a Global Running Club which has no restrictions. You can use any piece of your house that you wish and if you really have no space, use dish washing liquid on the floor and use as a home treadmill with us for 30min.

You can run on your balcony ,back yard, around your living room or even your kitchen table, it doesn’t matter, just run and show the world that although we might be DOWN, we are certainly not OUT.

So you have no excuse but to join our group and become plugged into our GRID and keep moving and keep positive.

Go into this new world, knowing we are stronger together and we got your back. Run Baby Run.

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